2019- Husqvarna Group

Connectivity development, Husqvarna Group

2016-2019 Kapsch

Connectivity development, Kapsch

Bluetooth Low Energy for Nordic nrRF52.

Android development with Bluetooth Low Energy.

Applications for stm32.

Continuous integration with Gitlab.

2014-2016 VSM Group

Connectivity development, VSM Group.

Development of an embedded Linux based platform. This product is a top of the line sew machine with high quality. Implementation in C++ and Rhapsody. Scripting with bash, ruby and python in buildroot.

Build process implementation via Jenkins, mercurial and git. Scrum based development. Firmware loader application running on Raspberry Pi used in production. Connectivity client for Mac OS developed with Swift.

2011-2012 SAAB Training and simulation

Linux development.

Development of a Linux based SDR (software defined radio).

This product handles radio communication towards SAAB own infrastructure for soldier training.

Implementation in C/C++ in Linux environment and C in DSP.

A lot of troubleshooting and analyze were done due to secure hard real time requirements.

Test software implementation in QT C++ to be used for controlling this product.

Scrum based development.

2013 Kapsch

Test automation of a Linux based transponder.

Implementation test in TTCN framework used to control and report tests. Implementation test application in Linux to secure automatic regression test.

Implementation test application in Android to be controlled by TTCN.

Manual testing of product.

Field test Android application to be used to evaluate the 5.9 GHz radio link. For example presentation of several transponders in Google maps.

2011 Lansen technology

Android development, Lansen technology AB

Remote control of home alarm from Android application. The app also is able to receive alarm and and alert in case of an alarm.

Exists in Google Play:

2010-2011 Kapsch

Linux and Android development.

Implementation of a demo application connected via Bluetooth to a transponder.

Implementation of applications in Linux based transponder.

Module design.

Protocol design.

Implementation in Java and C.



2009-2010 SonyEricsson

Android development, Sony Ericsson

Design and implement a standalone application.

Application consists of Bluetooth, plug-in framework, collect internal data from messaging, call log etc, collect external data from social networks, RSS etc.

Info is exchanged with a protocol to and from a Bluetooth accessory. Module design.

Protocol design.

Implementation in Java.

Handling of text and images via protocol. Test.


2008-2009 Cybercom

Development blueGO system, Cybercom

This system is Cybercoms next generation Bluetooth platform. The system is portable to several hw/sw platforms.

System design.

Module design.

Implementation in C.



2008 Cybercom

Profile Development T2BF, Cybercom

This system is Cybercoms first Bluetooth platform for the car industry.

Audio profiles (A2DP and AVRCP).

Implementation in C.

Bluetooth qualification.

2007 Appello

Symbian Series60 GPS manager application, Appello

The application routes Bluetooth SPP GPS data into a tcp socket further to a MIDP application developed by customer.

Control messages from MIDP were also via tcp.

GPS manager started automatic when phone starts.

Manager also controlled the backlight. Manager was delivered as .sis file.

2007 Siemens

Siemens Home and Office Communications, Siemens

This system consists of one base station and several communicators. The idea was to adapt Bluetooth instead of DECT.

Introduced eclipse IDE (open source environment) to speed up development.

Porting T2BF (Bluetooth) platform to Windows. Development of UI in LabWindows.

Development of use cases for this project.

2001-2006 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, Kista

Software designer, developing (C++) Symbian OS products (P800, P900, P910, M600, P990, W950).

Key responsibilities in Bluetooth area.

Team leader.

Close cooperation with Symbian, UIQ, Requirement and SEMC accessories teams.